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Water treatment chemical

27 January 2015
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Antiscalant, RoCleaner, Coagulants, Anionic and cationic resin, Pesticides.

Due to precipitation of low soluble salts, the compounds used in antiscalant Membran RO fouling will result in reduced efficiency of early machines. The sediments are commonly used calcium carbonate (Caco three ), calcium sulfate (Caso the fourth ), barium sulfate, Baso 4th )) and strontium sulfate (Srso 4 ) cited. Precipitated silica (SiO 2nd ) and calcium fluoride (CaF) are formed, but also, although less severe problems due to sediment problems.

Technologies provides a wide range of cleaning to remove all causes of obstruction such as metals, mineral deposits, silt, organic matter and biological agents can be produced. All products that are used to dilute the effluent water for dilution of RO or light water is used and all of them are easily mixed or dissolved.

Coagulants (Coagulant / Flucculants):
Another group of technology products Avista Kvagvlant / Flvkvlant RoQuest name is liquid. RoQuest3000 mixture of organic polymers and 4000 RoQuest, 5000 and 6000, and ferric sulfate is a mixture of organic Kvagvlant.
Change the behavior of particles and negatively charged colloids RoQuest formulation is. The larger particles are formed which are more quickly removed by sand filters and filtration efficiency increases.
Studies have shown that only 50-35% without adding Kvagvlant particles in the water inlet filter may be removed while using the RoQuest Kvagvlant removal to 98% reduction in two parameters, which increases turbidity and SDI outputs to be said.

Anionic and cationic resin:
The ion balance Zynhay, solid particles that can adversely ions in solution with the same amount of Meq desired ions with similar charge to replace. Ion exchange resins containing positively charged cationic and anionic negative charge is to define which are electrically neutral. Exchange of ions, cations or anions with the cations and anions in solution are exchanged in the resin so that the resin of both soluble and remains electrically neutral. Solid-liquid equilibria are dealing here with no solid solution to be resolved. It is useful for a solid ion changers must have the following conditions:
Is their ions.
Is insoluble in water.
Ion exchange is not enough space on the network, so that ions can easily enter the network or out of it are solid resin.

Pesticides (Biocide):
One of the important factors fouling membranes and reduce system efficiency is due to biological factors.
Biological factors may be important fungi, algae and bacteria named.

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